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Class Policies

Our Educational Mission Statement

Stone Soup’s Theatre educational programs focus on giving each young actor the tools they need to succeed on stage. All our student productions are actor-centered, our students are the true stars of our shows! We take focus away from the technical aspects of theatre and put it back in our young actor’s imaginations. We use suggestive costuming, sets and props to allow the students’ bodies, focus, reactions and facial expressions be what shows our audience the world and environment of the play.

Should you have any questions on any of our educational programs, please contact our Education Director at 206-388-9212 or

Magical Land of Oz play

Magical Land of Oz
Photo by Armen Stein

Registration and Payment

All students must be registered online before starting any class at Stone Soup Theatre. We do not pro-rate tuition costs for students joining classes after the start date. Students interested in joining classes after the start-date must call our Education Director prior to enrolling online to ensure there are spaces available.

Refund Policy

Should Stone Soup Theatre cancel a class due to low enrollment, a full refund will be awarded.

Should Stone Soup Theatre cancel a class due to inclement weather, Stone Soup Theatre will, in good faith, attempt to coordinate a make-up class subject to teacher and space availability and no refund will be awarded.

Should a parent withdraw his/her child from class prior to the start date, a full refund will be awarded, minus our $35 registration fee, included in the tuition for each class.

Should a parent withdraw his/her child from class after the start date, a pro-rated refund will be awarded to cover the cost of classes attended.

Please note that this is our refund policy for school-year classes only. Summer refund policies are slightly different and are listed separately on the SummerStage website.


Stone Soup Theatre has a limited number of work-trade scholarships available for low-income families and single parent families. Please contact our Education Director if you are in need of a scholarship at Please understand that work-trade assignments must be completed one week prior the end date of the class. Should this not be the case, a tuition payment will be expected for uncompleted work-trade hours.

Before Class

Stone Soup Theatre will send an email with Emergency Contact Forms, dates, details and materials needed for each class one week prior to the start date. Please feel free to contact our Education Director at should you have any questions, at any time.

During Class

We ask that, as a courtesy to our instructors and fellow students, you let us know in advance of any absences your child might have. You may let the instructor know during drop-off/pick-up or call our Education Director (206) 388-9212, who will then pass the message.

We ask that all students come in clothes ready to move and bring plenty of drinking water.

We ask that (for your child’s safety) you let us know of any relatives who might be picking up your child after class/camp. That way we can ensure your child always leaves with the right person. There is a section for this in our Emergency Contact Form.

We ask that you arrive 10 mins early to class and that you pick up your child promptly at the end of class. A warning will be given to parents failing to pick up their child within ten (10) minutes of the end time. After that, parents will be charged $1 per minute. Payment for late pick-up will be expected in cash, check or credit card (via our website) by the next class.

Stone Soup Theatre reserves the right to accept enrollment from families who have finished classes with outstanding debt.

During performance programs, parents will be expected to work with their children and assist them to learn lines.

Code of Conduct

Stone Soup Theatre fosters a safe environment for each child to grow and experiment as artist in development. Students are expected to treat every instructor, every student, every costume, prop and set piece with respect at all times.

Stone Soup Theatre reserves the right to terminate a student’s participation in any class at any time due to continuous disruptive behavior, with no refund. Parents will be notified ahead of time and ample warning will be given before this decision is made.


Special Needs

Stone Soup Theatre instructors are usually able to create ways for children with special needs to succeed. Please write down any and all medications and any physical, emotional or behavioral challenges your child may have on your student’s Emergency Contact Form and discuss them with the Education Director and/or with your child’s instructor prior to the first day of class. This information will make our class instruction more effective and your child’s experience more rewarding. Any information provided on your Emergency Contact Form remain confidential. Please note that Stone Soup Theatre instructors cannot to monitor or administer medications.

Inclement Weather

Stone Soup Theatre follows the Seattle Public School District procedures for inclement weather closures. Should the Seattle Public School District cancel or dismiss classes early, parents can safely assume all classes at Stone Soup falling in the same time-range will be cancelled as well. No refund will be made for classes cancelled due to inclement weather.