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A Child’s Christmas in Wales & The Long Christmas Dinner

Dec 5 – Dec 24

Celebrate the joy of magic, family, and memories with two short plays for the Christmas holidays!

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The God of Hell by Sam Shepard

Feb 20 – Mar 15

Frank and Emma are Wisconsin dairy farmers who live a quiet respectable life until they agree to put up Frank’s old friend, a scientist on the run from a secret government project involving plutonium.

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Camps Offered

Nurturing imaginations, developing acting skills and providing actor-centered education since 1996.

Class Dates Times Ages Tuition
Meridian Park
Greek Myths With Perseus June 23-27 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
Princesses and Dragons June 23-27 9am-12pm 4-5 $150
Winnie the Pooh June 30-July 3 9am-3pm 5-7 $300
Clowning Around June 30-July 3 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
The Dark Portal July 7-11 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe (with Music) July 7-11 9am-3pm 5-7 $300
Snow White (Musical) July 14-18 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
12 Dancing Princesses July 14-18 9am-3pm 6-9 $300
Topsy-Turvy: Circus Adventures July 14-18 9am-12pm 4-5 $150
Return to Narnia July 21-25 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
The Gingerbread Girl July 21-25 9am-3pm 6-9 $300
Superheroes July 28-Aug 1 9am-12pm 4-5 $150
Pippi Longstocking (with Music) July 28-Aug 1 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
The Dark Portal July 28-Aug 1 9am-3pm 6-9 $300
Hobbit Aug 4-8 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
No Damsels in Distress Aug 4-8 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
Greek Myths With Perseus Aug 11-15 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
12 Dancing Princesses Aug 11-15 9am-3pm 5-7 $300
Pippi Longstocking (with Music) Aug 18-22 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
Who's in Rabbit's House? Aug 18-22 9am-3pm 5-7 $300
Pippi Longstocking (with Music) Aug 25-29 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe (with Music) Aug 25-29 9am-3pm 6-9 $300
Mt. Baker Community Club
Greek Myths July 7-11 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
Who's in Rabbit's House? July 14-18 9am-3pm 5-7 $300
Return to Narnia July 14-18 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
Topsy-Turvy: Circus Adventures July 21-25 9am-12pm 4-5 $150
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe (with Music) July 21-25 9am-3pm 6-9 $300
Superheroes Aug 4-8 9am-12pm 4-5 $150
The Dark Portal Aug 4-8 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe (with Music) Aug 11-15 9am-3pm 5-7 $300
Pippi Longstocking (with Music) Aug 11-15 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
Snow White (Musical) Aug 18-22 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
The Dark Portal Aug 25-29 9am-3pm 6-9 $300
The Hobbit Aug 25-29 9am-3pm 8-13 $300
Marymoor Park
Superheroes July 14-18 9am-12pm 4-5 $150
Greek Myths with Perseus July 14-18 9am-2pm 8-13 $300
The Dark Portal July 21-25 9am-2pm 6-9 $300
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe (with Music) July 28-Aug 1 9am-2pm 5-7 $300
No Damsels in Distress July 28-Aug 1 9am-2pm 8-13 $300
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe (with Music) Aug 4-8 9am-2pm 6-9 $300
Snow White (Musical) Aug 4-8 9am-2pm 8-13 $300
Superheroes Aug 11-15 9am-12pm 4-5 $150
The Cyborg Saga: Hostile Planet Aug 11-15 9am-2pm 8-13 $300
The Gingerbread Girl Aug 25-29 9am-2pm 6-9 $300
Return to Narnia Aug 25-29 9am-2pm 8-13 $300
Language Arts: Cyborg Saga July 7-11 9am-12pm 6-9 $150
STEM: basic math/times tables July 7-11 12pm-3pm 6-9 $150
A Midsummer Nights Dream July 14-18 11am-5pm 11-18 $300
Language Arts: James & Giant Peach July 21-25 9am-12pm 8-13 $150
STEM: basic math/times tables July 21-25 12pm-3pm 8-13 $150
Twighlight Saga Aug 11-15 11am-5pm 11-18 $300

Ages 4-5


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Kids love to play superheroes! Each day we will learn about both real and fictional superheroes, and then become them! -with our very own(non-violent) adventure stories. Little ones will learn physical and vocal control as well as problem solving skills all in the name of play!

Princesses and Dragons

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Journey to a land of princesses, knights, dragons, and fairies, as we reenact both old and new fairytales. Young performers will create characters, sing songs, play games and tell stories in this fun high energy creative drama camp!

Topsy-Turvy: Circus Adventures

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The circus has come to town! Balance on a tight rope, tame wild animals and ride on elephants as we bring circus books to life. We will explore different worlds, characters and stories through drama, art, music and movement. We will choose our favorite creative drama adventure to share with parents on the last day.

Ages 5-7

Lion, Witch, Wardrobe

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Campers will improvise their way to the land of Narnia and discover their own musical land inside the wardrobe. (Has Music)

Winnie the Pooh

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Discover the Hundred acre woods with an improvisational adventure. Jump around with Tigger, find the North Pole with Christopher Robin, search for Eyeore's missing tail, and of course eat honey with Winnie the Pooh! We will make art, sing songs and go on an adventure in Pooh's world that will become your child's own.

Who's in Rabbit's House?

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Who can get a dangerous and scary animal out of rabbit's house? This traditional African Folk Story is full of wild animals and a surprise ending. Come join all of the wild animals as they try to trample, scratch and scare the animal out!

12 Dancing Princesses

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Come for a Medieval adventure full of kings queens, dragons and twelve princesses! In the kingdom of Valencia, dancing is forbidden but the twelve princesses sneak out anyway. Can Prince Edward discover where they are going, or will he join the other four princes in the kingdom's dungeon?

Ages 6-9

STEM: Physical approaches to Math

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Symmetry: Students will study composition and understand how they can use symmetry or asymmetry to convey meaning on stage. Geometry: Students physically explore floor patterns of different geometric shapes and attribute personalities to each shape. Then, they create characters using geometric shapes and make masks to represent their characters.

Cyborg Saga: Alien Encounter

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Earth has been destroyed and a fleet of ships are sent to find a solar system. Join the crew as they discover new lands, battle hostile aliens, and encounter a black hole. Young performers will create characters, sing songs, play games, and perform in this fun story of astronauts, aliens, and space travel!

The Gingerbread Girl

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The Gingerbread Man nearly destroyed the town, but the baker is determined to try again. With help from his assistant Igor, the baker is cooking up a new cookie and it is ALIVE! Will this cookie scare Little Bo Peeps sheep or give the fox a stomach ache before the fairy tale cops catch her? Look forward to this wacky mix of the gingerbread man and Frankenstein. Definite summer fun!

The Dark Portal

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A portal has been opened and magic beings are running the halls of Merlina Academy. How will Alistaira and her classmates conquer the dark wizards when magic hasn't been used in 200 years? Join a fun cast of characters: wizards, unicorns, dwarves, elves, and phoenixes as they fight for their lives and the world as they know it.

Ages 8-13

Language Arts: James and the Giant Peach

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Language & Theatre Arts. Character analysis: Students analyze a character's motivations and given circumstances based on descriptions given in the text or the actions the character takes. Reading comprehension: Students learn to read in between the lines, by being able to use the text to infer information about the characters, events or the poetic.

No Damsels in Distress: A Scottish Fairytale

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The malicious fairies roam free in Scotland, stealing food and abducting humans. Can Janet reclaim the land of Cartergraugh against the Fairy Queen? "No Damsels in Distress" shows the power of strong determined girls with a dash of magic, fairies, warriors, and adventure. Learn stage combat, how to create a character and the basics of performance in this fantastic tale of a heroine.

Greek Myths With Perseus

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The action packed story of young Perseus, son of Zeus and his mortal mother Danae. He grows up valiantly as he saves his mother's honor, the beautiful Andromeda from being eaten by a sea monster, with time left over to kill the snake-headed Medusa. This kind of drama will keep campers on their mythological toes!

Cyborg Saga: The Hostile Planet

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It is the year 1305, on the planet Mira, a scorching hot wasteland. The colonizing fleet, sent to find a better planet was never heard from again. Humans are thrown into a civil war as the 5th generation fleet returns to find Cybernetics, a bio-medic corporation, genetically mutating humans into cyborgs. Join this science fiction adventure full of aliens, cyborgs, scientists, astronauts, an evil tyrant, and a conspiracy that might cost the human race their future.

Return to Naria "The Price Rises"

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Fantastic! A Narnia adventure for our 8-13 campers! It has been but one Earth year since the Pevensies have returned to England. In Narnia however, 1300 turbulent years have passed, and a violent race of men called the Telmarines have seized power. Under the fierce reign of their murderous King Miraz, the Telmarines have forced the peace-loving inhabitants of Narnia, including their beloved King Aslan, into hiding. One night, an heir is born to Miraz, setting in motion a chain of events that calls the Pevensies back to Narnia. There they must fight alongside the true heir to the throne, the banished Prince Caspian, and all of the creatures of Narnia, in an epic battle to save their world from destruction.

Snow White, The Truly Tall Tale

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An unusual re-telling of the Snow White story. The Queen leaves the king to bring up Snow White by herself, when queen meanie's two jealous stepdaughters appear on the scene. Fun music, good parts, and a jazzy musical score! (Musical)

Pippi Longstocking

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Described as mesmerizing, and, fanciful. This play depicts a celebration of every child's dream of Independence! Living in a ramshackle home with a horse on the porch, and a monkey in the kitchen who could be more different! With an absent father at sea, and a mother passed away Pippi somehow has what she needs to get by, and if she doesn't she will make something up! Pippi's adventures introduces a host of wonderful characters and the lessons she learns along the way prove that she is capable of just about anything. (Has Music)

The Hobbit

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This ensemble-based play tells the exciting and surprising quest of Bilbo Baggins as he meets strange and mysterious characters on his journey. Elves, trolls, wargs, and a fiery-tempered dragon are part of this grand story-telling drama.

Clowning Around

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Make them laugh with your own clown character, pratfalls, classic bits/gags, slapstick, and physical comedy! We will create our own clown scenes to perform the last day. Expect tumbling, combat, squirt guns, and lots of laughs!

Ages 11-18

Twighlight Saga and Playmakers

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Teens will write their own Twighlight Saga by improvising and then setting the improvisations to script form for a final performance. So, for those teens who love to write and see themselves in the "Twighlight" world we have a perfect match.

A Midsummer Night's Dreams

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Summer theater would not be the same without the magic of Puck, loves torn apart, and the hilarious philandering of the "rude mechanicals" who perform so "very badly" for Theseus' wedding party. Join us and keep the magic alive!