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                              By Margie Slovan

Join us for this new Harry Potter spin-off. Every year, kids at Peasling School compete for its highest honor, a magical feather from the tail of the powerful Peasling peacock. But when the school headmaster gets called away on urgent wizarding business, the competition gets seriously wacky.





All rehearsals are at Wallingford Presbyterian Church

Audition: Tuesday, April 16, 4:15-6:15 (must be registered to audition)

Rehearsals Tuesdays April 23rd – May 28th 4:15-6:15

AND Thursdays Starting May 9th – May 30th 4:15-6:15

Tech Week: June 2nd – 5th 4:15-7:15pm

Performances: June 6 & 7th @ 7pm, June 8th @ 2pm

Tuition is $395. Scholarships or financial assistance available.

For more information please email our Education Director Jeremy Ehrlich at

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